PharmEcosse is working on a novel therapeutic program to reduce and prevent surgical scars. We anticipate releasing information very soon.

07/02/11 - PharmEcosse Receives Approval For Phase 2 Clinical Study +

PharmEcosse Ltd has received approval for a Phase 2 clinical study to explore the use of PE001 for the reduction or prevention of surgical scars in patients undergoing non-cancer bilateral breast surgery. The trial will commence in January 2011 and is expected to report in the first quarter of 2013. Dr Claire Linge, head of research at PharmEcosse, said that millions of people in the UK who undergo surgery every year could potentially be helped by this treatment. She said: "We have been looking into the use of different components to prevent or reduce scar tissue over the past 14 years. Insulin was found to control the activity of the key cells involved in wound closure and subsequent scar formation. This means the wound closes but the build up of scar tissue slows down or stops. Importantly, we have found that insulin can be successfully used as a single dose at the time of surgery and so it is a quick and easy process. Around 6 million people in the UK undergo surgery every year and potentially they could be helped by this treatment." Now PharmEcosse has received the go ahead to start clinical trials which will be carried out by Mr Charles Nduka, consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Blond McIndoe Research Foundation based at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead. The trials, due to start this month, will take place on women who are undergoing non-cancer breast surgery such as reductions and augmentations. Mr Nduka said: "This treatment, which has traditionally been used for diabetes, aims to minimise signs of surgery. "In my experience, scarring affects patients mentally as well as physically, particularly if it is in a prominent position on the body. Therefore this treatment has the potential to revolutionise people's lives. "At this stage, the trials will take place on women who are undergoing non-cancer surgery so that we are able to administer the insulin on one breast and a placebo on the other. We are therefore looking for ladies who are thinking of having breast augmentations or reductions to take part. Patients will be monitored over 12 months following surgery. But there is no reason why this couldn't be used for anyone who has suffered skin injuries either from surgery or after an accident. Therefore, for example, in the future it could also be used for patients who have undergone surgery to treat cancer. "It has the potential to change people's lives the world over."

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18/11/10 - PharmEcosse Launches New Web Presence +

Edzell, 18th November 2010 - launches today as a communication channel for the company as it continues work on the clinical development of its first therapeutic program. Dr Neil Murray, Chief Executive, explains that, "We're a young business and our first project has the potential to become standard of care in the reduction and prevention of surgical scars. At this stage our web site provides a simple introduction to PharmEcosse, our team and the technology we're working with. We need to be visible to the investment community as we consider additional technology commercialisation projects and set about raising further capital. As our scar reduction program advances through clinical trials so the information and scope of the web site will develop." has been designed and developed by beBRAND, a brand and marketing company that has worked with Dr Murray on a number of pharmaceutical and life sciences projects since 2003.

08/10/09 - PharmEcosse - New Opportunities in Scar Prevention +

PharmEcosse Ltd, has commenced operations focused on developing new therapies for the reduction and prevention of scarring. Backed by a combination of private funding and support from the Scottish Enterprise SEED Fund, the company is progressing its first program, PE001, into clinical development. PharmEcosse is led by Dr Neil Murray who has more than 20 years experience in technology development and commercialisation in the pharmaceutical industry. The company's Head of Research is Dr Claire Linge who has more than 20 years experience in skin biology and pioneered the cutaneous scarring work upon which the company is founded. Scarring in the skin is an inevitable outcome following surgery or trauma and is the cause of significant distress for both patients and their loved-ones, through its effect on a person's appearance, function and self-worth. There are currently no reliably effective marketed treatments to reduce or prevent scarring. As such, scarring represents a significant area of unmet medical need. The company's lead product, PE001, is focused on reduction or prevention of surgical scarring. The product has already shown promise in a pilot clinical study and further studies will commence in early 2010. Commenting on the launch of PharmEcosse, Neil Murray said, "We are delighted to be able to start operations in what is undoubtedly an area that causes considerable distress for those who suffer from excessive scarring, and their loved ones. With the support of our investors, we look forward to developing products that will bring significant benefit to patients worldwide."

Photo of a woman with a large scar down the middle of her chest