Dr Neil Murray (Director) is a founding partner of Essential Science Ltd, a consulting practice providing expert, hands-on support in corporate and business development, partnering and technology exploitation in the Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Drug Discovery and Development sectors. His areas of expertise include application of platform technologies in drug research & development, overall drug development strategy planning & management, portfolio development, corporate and business development across multiple therapies and markets. Dr Murray has more than 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry holding senior positions with Solutia Inc, Vernalis Ltd (formerly Vanguard Medica Ltd), Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals and Glaxo-Wellcome Research & Development.

Dr Claire Linge (Head of Research) has over 20 years research experience in skin biology. This has included initiating research and leading research teams in photobiology of the skin, sunlight interactions with regard to natural protection or otherwise by melanin, the efficacy of commercial sunscreens, and certain aspects of melanoma research, as well as the wound healing (keratinocyte biology, tissue engineering and angiogenesis) and cutaneous scarring work upon which PharmEcosse is founded.


Dr Neil Murray (Director), as above.

Dr Claire Linge (Head of Research), as above.

Angus Hay (Non-executive Director) is a founding director of DC Consulting and leads the corporate finance division. Previously, Angus spent five years in economic development, assisting in the development of robust business propositions to attract public and private sector support. Angus has strong knowledge and significant experience of the private equity investment market, Scottish Co-Investment partners and the independent venture capitalists network. To date, Angus has been lead advisor for a number of co-investment equity transactions and is instrumental in advising early stage and start up companies on their strategy and business model, ensuring their investor ready status. Angus is also experienced in developing MBO / MBI propositions, particularly with leveraging debt equity funding.

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